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Rosewood Commercial – Tribeca, NY

On Canal Street in Manhattan’s hip and trendy Tribeca neighborhood sat a building in dreadful need of exterior restoration and interior rehabilitation. This extensive “design and build’ project would require several phases of work and a general contractor with knowledge of, and a strong relationship with, the New York City Department of Buildings.

A meticulous effort was put forth in search of a seasoned and well qualified contractor that could provide reliable references and a thorough qualification statement demonstrating relevant experience. After an extensive search, the building owner turned to none other than well-known general contractor Rosewood Commercial. The combination of a stellar national reputation, an extensive resume of projects in New York City, and a complete working knowledge of the New York Department of Buildings allowed Rosewood Commercial to qualify perfectly for this project.

The multi-phase project was contracted as “design and build” and had multiple phases spanning over two years. The first two phases involved extensive demolition. The first was a complete demolition and reconstruction of the cellar and first floor to a vanilla box. The structure was sound, but all interior components needed replacement. The second phase included a complete demolition and reconstruction of the second floor. A previous retailer for many years unfortunately left the floor in a haphazard condition. The finished second floor was an amazing loft apartment with refinished hardwood floors, stone counters, upgraded appliances, gorgeous kitchen cabinetry, and a very spacious living and bedroom area. Large windows that look out the front and rear of the building were also refinished.

The third phase included a new retail store build-out for a tenant occupying the first floor and cellar. Plans and specifications were completed and all retailer customizations were successfully achieved within budget and according to deadline.

The fourth phase included exterior storefront and façade work from street level to the roof overhang eave. The front was in dire need of new applications. The Landmark process was completed for a new “vintage” design. The newly specified wall and window finishes met all of Landmark’s requirements with flying colors. The final phase completes the reconstruction of the third thru fifth floors and includes multiple piping and electrical installations.

The building owner commented on several occasions the work of Rosewood Commercial was every bit top-notch. From their initial unraveling of multiple building code violations to their absolutely thorough completion of each phase of work, Rosewood Commercial once again proved it can handle any type of project, no matter how big or small and no matter how extensive the work.

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